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Development of Carbon Assets

Many businesses show great potential in terms of carbon reduction and climate change mitigation. However, developing the right approach for harnessing this potential requires expertise in the carbon sector. Combing through the available GHG certification programs and choosing the right one for your business is key to realizing the true potential of your project. Climate solutions provide consultancy through this decision as well as the project origination and project design; monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV); and SDG analysis processes.

The project origination and design process is an important matter that involves surveying and assessment of the project activity. As Climate Solutions, we provide advisory services during the project origination and prepare a meticulous project design document to help your project acquire a GHG certification.

The SDG analysis, in which we are proud to be experts, plays a crucial role in proving the additionality of the projects. We develop a compelling SDG report showcasing your project’s value to the environment and society.

One of the most crucial integrals of carbon asset development is the monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) process. This process demonstrates the ability of the project to generate sustainable carbon reductions and ensures that the project activity satisfies the rules and requirements of the standards. Climate Solutions manages the MRV process with expertise.

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