Climate Market Consulting & Policy Analysis

Tackling the climate change problem requires a cooperative approach that would join the forces of as many nations as possible. In line with these developments in response to climate change, new institutions and policies have emerged. These national and international institutions are also continuously shaping markets for carbon projects. Analysis of the impact of these policies is crucial for achieving significant emission reductions and meeting global climate change goals.

Carbon pricing has become one of the most important and effective tools in battling GHG emissions and climate change. Carbon pricing involves the execution of various instruments such as emission trading systems (ETS), emission reduction funds, and carbon taxing. The supply and demand in an ETS establish a market price for GHG emissions. As Climate Solutions, we offer consultancy services for the development of emerging emission trading systems.

The development of carbon markets makes a great contribution to the work on the path to global climate change goals. Thus, establishing inviting carbon markets can accelerate the global net-zero journey. As experts in carbon markets, we provide advice on carbon market development.

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