International Carbon Registry (ICR)

The International Carbon Registry (ICR) provides electronic registration of climate projects and the issuance of ICR carbon credits (ICCs). In addition, the ICR acts as a platform to transfer carbon credits to organizations aiming to reduce emissions in an effective and transparent manner. ICR is headquartered in Iceland and aims to inspire other countries to increase their share of renewable energy and decarbonize the economy, with Iceland’s story of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy in the 20th century. ICR’s mission is to uncover and amplify climate action through carbon markets to help limit climate change, decarbonize the global economy and reach net zero. Under the ICR, emission reduction projects worldwide can register and issue carbon credits based on projected and actual reduction results in their projects. Projects can be emission reduction/avoidance, separation or removal. The ultimate aim of the ICR is to support the scaling of voluntary carbon markets and climate action and to provide a platform for both climate projects, market participants and end users of carbon credits for transparent declarations of Net-Zero or Carbon Neutral targets.